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  • How do I place an order?
    Shop the tabs provided and add a product of your choice to your cart. The checkout process should be fairly straightforward. Want to make a custom request? Head over to the "Make a Request" tab and provide as much information as possible. Please send any additional photos or information to my email The more information provided, the better.
  • Do you provide the clothing, shoes, accessories, etc?
    Yes. We provide the shoes for all orders placed through my website (the price of shoe is included in total cost). For this reason, prices may fluctuate based on retail costs and inflation. For custom requests, you have option to ship the item to our address, or we can order the items for you.
  • How much will my custom order typically cost?
    This is a broad question that unfortunately has no direct answer. I can provide you with a quote if you are able to send me a detailed description of what you are looking for. All custom orders may differ in pricing based on the intricacy of the design, time spent, and supplies needed. Please contact me for more details.
  • How long until I receive my order?
    After we receive your order, we will order the shoes/products to be shipped in to us for painting right away. The processing time will be updated on the checkout page before placing your order. Processing times may vary from 1-3 weeks.
  • How do I wash my painted clothing/shoes?
    Shoes may be washed with a soft rag or sponge to remove dirt and debris. The paint will not be affected by warm water and mild soaps. Clothing may be washed on delicate/cool settings and left out to air dry. Hand washing your clothing is recommended.
  • What kind of paints do you use?
    I use Angelus Direct paints, preparers, and finishers. These products are designed for all fabric materials, as well as leather products. For more information or questions regarding this brand, please contact me or visit their website.
  • What are your shipping fees?
    Shipping may vary based on inflation, and promotions. Average shipping within the US can range from $6-$15 depending on the product weight and size. International shipping varies from $35-60 depending on the product, the location, and other factors.
  • How long will the paint on my shoes last?
    The paint is naturally abrasion and water resistant. However, a layer of Angelus 4-Coat (Finisher) is added after painting to add an extra protectant layer. There is no guarantee that scuffs won't happen overtime. In the case that these scuffs or damages happen within the first couple times of wear, please reach out to me. Again, this is a rare occurrence and the paint should last the same duration as the shoes themselves (before the shoes show major signs of wear).
  • Where do you come up with the prices for your shoes?
    All products reflect the current retail price of the shoes, the time that it will take to paint the design (ranging from 3-8 hours for most designs available on my website), as well as the materials required. For more information, you can reach out to me for a full price breakdown.
  • I have a pair of old nikes/vans, can these be customized?
    If your shoes are in good condition, they may be shipped in to us to be customized. Please provide photos of the shoes before shipment and reach out to us prior to placing an order.
  • I have a jacket that I'd like painted, can I ship it to you?
    Yes! Jackets can be shipped to our address. Contact us to receive shipment information. A quote will be provided to you prior to your shipment, so you know what to expect in regards to price.
  • Can I wash my custom clothing?
    Hand washing is recommended. If you are unable to handwash your product, you may use delicate/cool settings in the wash. Always allow the jacket or clothing to air dry.
  • Can I wash the customsbychloe hoodies/tees?
    Yes, you may wash our merch as normal. These hoodies were stitched by a local company, Bora Stitch, who added a protective backing to the stitch to ensure that the threads do not unravel, or break off. The crewnecks and tshirts can be washed on normal settings as well. I recommend air drying if possible, to avoid shrinking.
  • How long will the paints last?
    The paints are permanent and should last as long as the product itself. Therefore, I recommend that you consider a higher quality brand (Levis, Authentic Leather, etc.). Regardless, paints will not fade, wash off, or peel.

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